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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Hunker Down vs. Anchor Down Edition

"Oh yeah?!? Well I've got an Anchor my PANTS."
"Oh yeah?!? Well I've got an Anchor my PANTS."

Good morning, buttercups. It's Friday, which means you're only somewhere around 32'ish hours away from a Georgia kickoff against the Fightin' Anchor Downs. If you're James Franklin, are you somewhat hoping that Todd Grantham and this Georgia Defense doesn't remember anything from last year? I would have to assume so.

According to the polls, we're the best team Vanderbilt will see all season. You want to talk about UGA having a cake-walk of a schedule? Vandy's is amazingly easy. Every other game of note that Vanderbilt plays will be at home.

More on this and links after the jump...

Of course, no one expects anything from them because they're Vandy, but if the Commodores were 3-0 and had a top 10 team, everyone would be griping about how the SEC was just propping Vandy up to put them in Atlanta in December. Instead, it's us that has to hear that mess from the Gamecock faithful.

Anyway, you know as well as I do that UGA is going to try and make a statement in this game. I'm not expecting a 51-7 type drubbing, but I do think we'll try to go in the high 40s and I think Vandy will struggle to get in the teens. It's kind of what happens when you mess with The Grantham and his players. If I'm being completely honest, it's the most relaxed I've felt about a Vanderbilt game in a VERY long time.

Now, some links for your pleasure:

There's never a time I read one of Groo's postings and think to myself "I didn't learn anything at all." He delivers again with this one about lessons from a narrow escape in Nashville.

Somewhere, Buzz Bisinger is reading this article from Genty Estes at Dawgs247, decides he hates it, will write a book about it, and then force it down our throat. 'Merica.

I truly found this post from Get The Picture called The Montana Project to be quite entertaining. I remember when Blutarsky put the idea out there to do this, and a Damn Good Dawg stepped up to make it happen. God bless the good people of Montana for putting UGA recognition to over 70%.

Presented with no comment whatsoever, a rebuttal to the student attendance at football games discussion.

Finally, props to The Leather Helmet Blog for finding this and posting it up. I don't know if there's a fan base I enjoy ribbing more than Arkansas fans.

Ok, that's it for the links, Dawg fans. If you're traveling to Athens, yell loudly and listen to The Dawg Gone Podcast on the ride down (did you really think I wasn't going to throw in an extra plug?). As always, travel safely and...

Go Dawgs!!!