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Coming Soon: Major Changes for Dawg Sports and SB Nation

Hello again, Dawg fans. If you regularly visit other blogs hosted at SB Nation, you've probably seen a post similar to this one. The folks at the mothership are completely reworking the blogging platform we use, and will soon be launching a new version that they are branding as "SB Nation United." (How soon? Well, to quote Benjamin Sisko, "Maybe next year. Maybe... yesterday.")

You've probably already seen the first portion of this change to be announced here: the new Dawg Sports logo:


(Every SB Nation blog will also be getting a new logo: Click here to see them all.)

There will be many additional changes when this new platform is launched, however. Click through to read about them, so you aren't caught unawares!

The biggest change you will notice is that this site will look different. Very different.

(click to embiggen) This is a screenshot of our "beta" site on which the staff been learning. So you'll probably see less soccer and less Rich Rodriguez in real life. But definitely not less hating of Florida.

The top part of the page will be called the "cover," like the cover of a magazine, and additional stories beyond the ones highlighted on the cover will be listed below it, like this:

Again, click to embiggen.

The features you've gotten used to using and seeing will still be there, such as FanPosts, FanShots, and the commenting interface (press "z" to advance to the next unread comment, etc.). In addition, there will also be a few new bells and whistles we'll be using from time to time as the situation warrants, such as Galleries, StoryStreams for news, and Hubs for collecting articles of interest together (like preseason previews and recruiting, for example). From a format standpoint, the site should look the same whether you're visiting via a browser or a mobile device, so hopefully that will positively affect your Dawg Sports experience, as well.

Overall, our objective as an editorial staff here at Dawg Sports is to keep doing what we've been doing from a content standpoint. We're going to keep providing you the same great content you've come to expect every day, and let this new format work for us as we go forward.

To be fair, however, there are a lot of changes here, and it will probably be a little confusing, maybe even frustrating at first. (And to be honest, we'll probably screw things up a time or two as we get used to the new format, too.) We hope you'll bear with us, though, through our "growing pains," and keep coming back to Dawg Sports regularly for all your Georgia Bulldogs needs!

(If you'd like additional information on this new format, including more screenshots, visit this post at One Foot Down, SB Nation's Notre Dame blog. It's an excellent detailed tutorial.)

Please let us know if you have any comments or thoughts about this new format in the comments below! Thank you again for your patronage, and...

Go Dawgs!