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The Release of the BlogPoll Highlights a Full Rich Wednesday Morning's Worth of Dawg Bites

We’re getting fired up for this weekend’s showdown between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Vanderbilt Commodores, which is why we’re bringing you this special Wednesday morning linkapalooza, beginning with the announcement of the results of this week’s BlogPoll.

Because I posted my SEC Power Poll ballot early, my BlogPoll ballot did not appear until Tuesday afternoon, following the release of this week’s SB Nation top 25. While the No. 1 ranking was never in doubt---the Alabama Crimson Tide received 89 of 90 first-place votes, which, if anything, undersold the dominance of Nick Saban’s team---the rest of the BlogPoll fell into line in an interesting order.

The LSU Tigers held fast at No. 2, while the Oregon Ducks inched up a notch to No. 3, followed by the fourth-ranked . . . holy crud! Georgia is ranked No. 4?!?! Whoa. Behind the ‘Dawgs are the ninth-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks and the 13th-ranked Florida Gators, with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, the Tennessee Volunteers, the Missouri Tigers, and, yes, the Vanderbilt Commodores also receiving votes. Once again, my ballot did not factor in any of the outlying extracurricular categories, which causes me to wonder whether my ballot actually is being counted.

Meanwhile, the simulated BCS standings have Georgia fifth, two spots ahead of South Carolina, and BravesAreZilla’s EA Sports NCAA ’13 simulation has the Bulldogs beating the Commies by 63 points. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and move along quickly, so as not to jinx anything, all right?

Is it just me, or does this quotation from Jordan Jenkins remind you of the opening section of The Sound and the Fury? Either way, Todd Grantham’s fire is a boon to this team.

Last Friday, the University of Georgia athletic board approved a $1,905,000 appropriation from the athletic association’s reserves, $1,605,000 of which will go to replace air conditioning units in the Sanford Stadium SkySuites and SkyClub. As appreciative as I am of the high-dollar donors who populate the financial and literal upper echelons of the stadium, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the thought that, while the rest of us somehow manage to sit in the sun during football games, Foley Field languishes as much-needed improvements are delayed for cost reasons, even as our baseball rivals are funding successful programs. I’m not arguing that vineyarddawg should reconsider the third item on his “On Notice!” board, but I am not wholeheartedly in agreement with Greg McGarity’s priorities upon this point.

Oh, my gosh, a freshman!

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame has announced the seven members of the induction class which will be enshrined in Macon next February, and two of the honorees are former Bulldogs. Heather Stepp McCormick helped guide Suzanne Yoculan’s Gym Dogs to the 1993 NCAA championship, notching a perfect 10.0 in each of the four events over the course of her college years. Despite suffering a career-threatening injury, she came back to claim consecutive national vault titles. The Red and Black’s other 2013 Hall of Famer, Buck Belue, is, of course, Buck Belue.

At this juncture, we could use an animated drive chart to cleanse the palate, so here goes:


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Following the 2014 regular season and continuing thereafter, the Orange Bowl will pit the ACC champion against Notre Dame (which is joining the ACC, by the way) or an available Big Ten or SEC team. By “available,” of course, they mean “not in the playoffs or in the league’s marquee bowl pitting conference champions,” which is another way of saying the best team in the ACC will face the third- or fourth-best team in the SEC. Hmmmmmmm. . . .

Yes, I know that, so far this season, the Georgia offense statistically has outperformed the Georgia defense, but what are we to make of the fact that three of the four highest-paid assistants on the Bulldog staff are defensive coaches . . . as well as the fact that Mike Bobo makes less than half as much money as Todd Grantham, and just $35,000 more per annum than Rodney Garner? That sounds like the marketplace talking.

What do you want to know about Saturday’s matchup? Well, Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin said Josh Dawson lacked honor and integrity and made such an obnoxious spectacle of himself after last year’s game that Cornelius Washington is ready for a confrontation. Whereas the Commodores’ quarterback situation is unsettled, Jarvis Jones is determined to play this weekend. It sounds to me like the Bulldogs are ready for some football.

Last, but certainly not least, the voting is open on the Goat Roast T-shirt! Please pick your favorite, so that we may be attired properly when we convene on October 20.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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