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Goat Roasting - There Shall Be T-Shirts

Well folks, we have an excellent group of submissions this year. I honestly don't know how we're gonna pick just one. To refresh the memory - here's how this is going to work.

After the jump you'll find all the submissions and a poll. You can only vote once. Once the votes are tallied, we'll submit the selected art to our friends at Gameday Depot. They will set up a specific link to allow everyone to order the shirt(s) they need in the size and color of their choosing which will be published here. T Shirt colors are limited to Red, Black, White & Grey. Adult & children sizes are available.

So now that you know how this all works, hit the jump & pick your favorite...

Our first submission comes from Redcrake's Brother:



Next up we have our second submission from Redcrake himself, which will have the correct game & date information if selected:



From TIller comes our third submission:


From Vineyardawg we have our fourth submission: