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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Machine Gun' Edition

Good morning, Dawg People. Here we are on our fourth game-week Monday of the season, and our second game-week against a legitimate (read: SEC) opponent. This week, though, is a little different than our SEC-opening game week a fortnight ago. Regardless of how you feel about weapons, if you've ever fired one, I think you'll agree that there aren't too many feelings more liberating than the feeling you get when firing one. Two weeks ago, we were looking forward to seeing how our defense would fare against a high-powered spread offense led by one James Franklin. This week, here's to hoping that, by the end of the game, our defense has been able to thoroughly dismantle a Vanderbilt team led by a different James Franklin (a much pricklier one), and that they're feeling as liberated as if they'd just taken out the Commodores with a machine gun. After this week's (now apropos) musical selection, jump on down and catch up on what's going on in the Bulldog Nation...

In case you were out of pocket yesterday, you missed a content-packed Sunday here at Dawg Sports. First, DavetheDawg shared his fifteen thoughts for the week with us. Following that, The Mayor offered his take on the FAU game, letting us know that the Owls were not what they seemed. Finally, vineyarddawg let us all know who's on notice for the week, and it was nice to see that the students actually were not included!

Sticking with game recaps, Senator Blutarsky offered his observations on the game, and noted that the Dawgs actually ran a pistol set at one point. Say what you will about Bobo, but in two straight weeks, we've seen the Dawgs use a four wide set as well as a pistol...this is not your same old vanilla UGA offense we've seen in years past.

Following up on that, Bluto also brought our attention to little nugget in a Bruce Feldman article about the Stanford/USC game, where an 18 year old Stanford fan let Lane Kiffin know just where he stands with her. Hey, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Marc Weiszer has an article about the tensions that may be running high during the game this week. Just so I get this straight, Richt admits that the Dawgs will be motivated, as did Sanders Commings, but with Grantham, it's business as usual? If you're willing to buy that, there's a George Strait song I'd like to play for you.

Daniel Kramer writes a nice piece about the impact of Georgia's two true freshmen running backs. I think it's still a little premature to fully buy in on the hype with these two, but they're certainly showing a lot of promise, and they're saying all the right things. Gurley's quote, in particular, "You never know, but I might not be here next year. It's all about taking it one game at a time." is perfect. Think these guys didn't learn a thing or two from the experiences of one Isaiah Crowell? Think again.

Finally, Chris Starrs may have the line of the week from Mark Richt, who noted that Aaron Murray 'really delivered the mail' in his performance against the Owls. This makes me picture Aaron Murray playing the role of the paper deliver in the old video game 'Paper Boy'. Ah, nostalgia. Anyway, Murray's slow starts have been lamented this season, so it was definitely nice to see him come out firing accurately. Let's all cross our fingers that his hot hand continues this week.

Happy Monday, everyone, and, as always...Go Dawgs!