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SEC Power Poll (Week Three): To Be the Toughest Conference in College Football, We Sure Seem to Have a Bunch of Teams That Stink

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It’s Vandy week here at Dawg Sports, so we are ready to unleash the Grantham to KTMFD, and, consequently, I’m going to mix it up a bit. The Red and Black’s upcoming return to conference action has the SEC uppermost in our minds, so this week’s BlogPoll ballot will be delayed for a day, in order for me to post my SEC Power Poll ballot a day early. For reference, this was last week’s ballot; here now, how the toughest league in college football except the Sun Belt stacks up after three weeks:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0): Yeah, we all knew they were going to beat the slop out of the Hogs, but 52 points? That’s not making bacon, that’s cremation.

2. LSU Tigers (3-0): Whatever. We all know the Bayou Bengals are just ducking Louisiana-Monroe.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks (3-0): Connor Shaw is dead, and Steve Spurrier doesn’t feel so bad himself.

4. Georgia Bulldogs (3-0): I’m not saying the ‘Dawgs are focused on their matchup with the Commies, but Uga IX is watching game film of Uga V from the 1996 Auburn game.

5. Florida Gators (3-0): The genetic happenstance of having been sired by Vince Dooley is no match for the mighty Ray Goff coaching tree!

6. Missouri Tigers (2-1): Dudes, you think you get to call yourselves a real SEC program, and you barely beat Arizona State at home? That’s weak! That’s lame! That’s . . . oh, wait. Yeah, all right, we’re cool, then.

7. Tennessee Volunteers (2-1): I get to make fun of the Big Orange’s ineptitude against the Sunshine State Saurians, and I’m a Georgia fan. Think about that for a minute.

8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (3-0): So you’re 3-0. You beat Troy by six points, and you played the Trojans on the road. Who does that?

9. Texas A&M Aggies (1-1): Finally! Payback for letting the Mustangs outbid them for Eric Dickerson!

10. Mississippi Rebels (2-1): On the plus side, I thought it was just swell of Texas to find room on the Longhorns’ schedule for a non-conference road game against an SEC team!

11. Vanderbilt Commodores (1-2): James Franklin has this team ready to kick some serious Division I-AA tail.

12. Auburn Tigers (1-2): There are worse things than beating Louisiana-Monroe in overtime. Just ask Arkansas.

13. Arkansas Razorbacks (1-2): When you think about it, Weber State really dodged a bullet when John L. Smith was hired away by the Hogs.

14. Kentucky Wildcats (1-2): Are you ready to see John Calipari and Bobby Petrino coaching at the same school? Because I know I am!

That is how the Southeastern Conference looks to me, but I am, of course, open to alternative interpretations. You are invited to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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