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Georgia Bulldogs v. Florida Atlantic Owls First-Half Game Night Open Comment Thread

Game time approaches. For the second straight Saturday, Bulldog Nation is gearing up for the special intensity of a night game, only, this time, we have our opponent between the hedges, and Sanford Stadium will be rocking when the Georgia Bulldogs welcome their visitors from the Sunshine State, the . . . Florida Atlantic Owls? What the heck?

Oh, well, it’s still Georgia football in the Classic City, so let’s roll with it. Crank up the CSS or the Pay-Per-View or whatever they call ESPN3 nowadays or whichever site Roger Goodell wound up using to watch the Bears-Packers game, then root, root, root for the home team. Your friendly neighborhood moderators will guide you from thread to thread as the conversation continues throughout the night.

That just leaves the recognition of tonight’s Dawg Sports honorary game day captain. As we welcome in the student-athlete representatives of the program Howard Schnellenberger built in Boca Raton, it seems only fitting to choose as our game captain the most noteworthy Boca Raton product to have played under Coach Schnellenberger: Mark Richt.

Are you ready for some football? Then dive into the thread, my friends!

Go ‘Dawgs!

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