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Thank God It's Friday Morning Dawg Bites

Happy Friday, friends. We've got a few nuggets to much on this morning as we bask in the glow of the approaching weekend. In case you missed it, a Bammer We Like shared a piece yesterday morning on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the infamous and defamed telephone call between Bear Bryant and Wally Butts. And drink a toast to what appears to be actual tailback depth with Macon Dawg's tasty-sounding Malcome in the Middle.

And as we surf around with the after-the-jump bites, let's get a little funky.

Hey, I arrived at this selection naturally. Oh, the connections in my head.

Wooooo! Get hyped for the Owls!

The recruiting scandal brewing in Memphis -- I take that back: isn't there a perpetual recruiting scandal in Memphis? Anyway, it hits a little close to home, as noted by Leather Helmet Blog, although there's no indication of any wrongdoing by UGA or Bulldog affiliates.

The ABH's Chris White brings some interesting behind-the-scenes takes from UGA Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson.

Expect to see a lot of play from our starters tomorrow night against the Owls, but maybe we'll get to see enough of Christian LeMay to start making comparisons to Shockley's career.

Matthew Stafford has had four consecutive 350-yard passing games to tie Drew Brees's NFL record. He has a chance to be the lone record-holder at five against the 49ers, but it won't come easy.

Georgia doesn't just punish for drug-related behavior: they really do try to educate the athletes to prevent problems. Chris Herren recently visited to talk about his experience with the drink and the drugs as a warning. I hope the fellas listened to him, because that right there is a tragic tale.

Chris Low has a good piece up about what Grantham has brought to our defense. [swoon]

Stay tuned for the tailgate later today and continuing Bulldogs updates throughout the weekend.