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Goat Roasting - Will there be t-shirts?


(This is a photo of the actual goat sacrificed during the 2011 Goat Roast.)

General Goat Roast Reminder: On October 20th a slew of Dawg Sports regulars will gather at The Blind Pig in Athens, GA to watch our beloved Dawgs take on the UK Kitties. We generally begin to gather about 30 minutes or so before kick off.

We've had t-shirts the last two years, and I had intended this post to be a vote for your favorite design post. However, when I went to pick up the photos of suggested designs many were missing/no longer available. So, if we are to have t-shirts, we need to move quickly. Details are after the jump.

Please submit your designs in the comment thread below no later than Game Time Saturday. We'll post a poll probably Sunday night for voting and be ready to go to order shirts by next weekend if all goes well.