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SEC Power Poll (Week Two): Hogs on Verge of Relegation to Sun Belt Conference

You’ve seen my BlogPoll ballot, so now it’s time for you to critique my SEC Power Poll ballot. For purposes of comparison, here is last week’s SEC Power Poll, and here is my ballot from last week. That brings us to this week’s rundown of the league, which is as follows:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0): Nick Saban’s crew beat the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers like they were Michigan.

2. LSU Tigers (2-0): Beating a Pac-12 team is a real achievement; if you don’t believe me, just ask a Big Ten team.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks (2-0): Dylan Thompson turned in the best clutch performance under extreme duress against the Pirates since Sid Bream.

4. Georgia Bulldogs (2-0): Not even a Munson-grade pessimist like me can find fault with a 21-point conference road win at night with four defensive starters sidelined and two more playing hurt.

5. Florida Gators (2-0): Will Muschamp is still our loyal secret agent in Gainesville, but, as a former assistant for the Texas Longhorns, he just can’t stop himself from beating the Aggies.

6. Tennessee Volunteers (2-0): I’m not saying I believe the Big Orange are for real, I’m just saying I don’t know for sure that they aren’t.

7. Missouri Tigers (1-1): They hung tough for three quarters, and that defense is better than you think. It’s not Mizzou’s fault Mark Richt is one of the top away game coaches in the game.

8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (2-0): Maybe it’s just my own bad memories from 2010, but, whenever Mississippi State wins a football game, it always seems to me to say more about how bad the opponent was than about how good the Bulldogs are.

9. Texas A&M Aggies (0-1): A new coach, a new system, and a new conference are all well and good, but, until Texas A&M pushes through a rule change to shorten games to 30 minutes, they’re doomed.

10. Mississippi Rebels (2-0): The Black Bears are either Mississippi State with prettier co-eds or Tennessee with a better color scheme; I’m not sure which.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores (0-2): 100 per cent more attitude, zero per cent more victories!

12. Kentucky Wildcats (1-1): Based on what we know about Kent State, one of the players from the team UK played Saturday will grow up to coach an SEC team that never loses to Kentucky.

13. Auburn Tigers (0-2): I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Cam Newton covered up the fact that Gene Chizik just isn’t a very good head coach. (Just joking; I would never accuse Cam Newton of engaging in a coverup!)

14. Arkansas Razorbacks (1-1): Dude.

Those are my picks, but, as always, they are open to debate. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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