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The Monday To Do Recognizes Progress When We See It.

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We here at Dawg Sports know it can be difficult to get organized at the start of the work week. That's why we present the Monday To Do List, a heaping helping of gridiron action items for go-getters like you. This should keep you busy for the next 5 days when it will once again be Saturday in Athens.

Your tasks for the week ahead after the jump . . .

) Try to figure out how good Missy State really is. Tyler Russell may run like a platypus coming off hip replacement surgery, but he can stand in and throw the ball. I don't know if that's ever been said about a Mississippi State quarterback before. This past Saturday's Auburn game was the kind of affair you once could count on the Bizarro Bulldogs to keep close for a half or three quarters before snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Perhaps a new day has dawned in Starkville. Or perhaps Auburn is really that bad.

2) Ask Josh Moon how he really feels. He seems to come down in the "Auburn is just that bad camp."
On the bright side, Keihl Frazier is a great athlete with a great arm. Seriously, keeps the play alive with his feet long enough to throw some really pretty interceptions. Paging Bobby Petrino, Bobby Petrino you have a long distance call from Opelika. . .

3) Steer clear of Bret Bielema for a few days. Mike Riley continues on the Rich Brooks plan, wherein you pull off one pride-swelling upset per year at a middling program so as to remain safely employed until it's time to finally retire to the golf course. It's not a bad plan when you get right down to it. Beats having an aneurism while watching film at 4 a.m. in Tuscaloosa. After a couple of Rose Bowls it seemed to be common knowledge that the Badgers were a shoe-in in the Leaders Division of the B1G, if for no other reason than because they have Montee Ball and they're not on probation. But Saturday's 10-7 toe-stubbing against Oregon State may have been the first clue that this team's good, but not bulletproof.

4) Marvel at the progress of James Franklin's new Vanderbilt. I have to give Jimmy F some credit here. It used to be that when Vandy dropped a non-televised game to a perennial Big Ten bottom dweller I didn't even notice. But when the Commodores fell to Northwestern this weekend to drop to 0-2, I not only noticed, but let out an appreciative little chuckle. That's progress, man.

5) Wash my Jarvis Jones pajamas. You know, so I can loan them to Superman. Jones was named the national defensive player of the year, which really should not have been a shocker. While it's tempting (and perhaps accurate) to say that Jones was just that much better than anyone and everyone Missouri threw at him, that's not the whole story. Rewatching the game on film it was clear that the depleted Mizzou offensive line was struggling up and down the line of scrimmage. Jarvis was the fastest guy into the backfield, but certainly not the only one.

6) Go on, look for Marlon Brown pajamas. Brown simply could not be guarded one on one, ending the night with 8 catches for over 100 yards, and singlehandedly keeping the Bulldog offense moving on a couple of occasions. Brown's emergence, combined with Tavarres King and Michael Bennett's performance, is a promising sign for the future of the Georgia offense.

7) Start worrying about a letdown versus Florida Atlantic. There's been a lot of excitement on the heels of this Missouri win. More than I'm comfortable with, to be honest. But hey, what could go wrong during a night game against a Sun Belt team? Why don't you ask John L. Smith and Tyler Wilson. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!