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Missouri Down Two On Offensive Front?

Bulldog fans have circled the team's road trip to Columbia, Missouri on September 8th as perhaps the key contest of the first half of the 2012 season. It now appears that Mizzou may be welcoming the Bulldogs' veteran defensive front without the help of two potential starters. (H/T Steven Godfrey, SB Nation Kansas City)

Senior guard Travis Ruth is slated to undergo surgery for a torn triceps tendon and tackle Taylor Chappell has been diagnosed with a torn ACL. Chappell was already filling in for injured starter Justin Britt, who is rehabbing a broken foot but is expected back before the start of the season.

It's become axiomatic by now that Georgia's suspension-depleted defensive secondary will have its hands full against Gary Pinkel's pass-happy attack. But if there's any spot on the field where the Classic City Canines might have an advantage it's on the defensive front. If Missouri is still looking to gel a front five by the time they open SEC play against the 'Dawgs in just under a month, it could be good news for the red and black. Obviously no one wants to hear about college football players sustaining serious injuries, and we here at Dawg Sports wish Ruth, Chappell, and Britt a full and speedy recovery. But make no mistake, Geathers, Jenkins, Abry Jones and Cornelius Washington are not the guys you want to work the kinks out against. Especially when it will be important for the Tigers to establish a creditable running threat in order to keep the thin Georgia secondary off kilter.

This should also serve as a warning (as if Bulldog fans who remember Kregg Lumpkin and Trinton Sturdivant needed this, no jinx, turn around three times and spit on the floor. . .) that this is the time of year when rosters get reshaped as much in a radiology lab as on the field. That stinks, but it's a part of the game. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

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