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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: The Continental Edition

There is news. There is a lot of it. You care about much of it. You don’t have time to keep up with all of it. You come here to get caught up on it. We have your back. Here now, I bring you Dawg Bites, in order that you may begin your day fully briefed:

Evidently, this is the time to be a Bulldog abroad. In London, Argentinian Jenny Dahlgren and Canadian Sultana Frizell represented the Red and Black in the Olympic hammer throw. In Italy, Mark Fox’s Hoop Hounds were led to an 83-58 victory over the Vicenze All-Stars by dual 14-point performances from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Nemanja Djurisic. Finally, in France, Loran Smith caught up with Richard Tardits. If the ‘Dawgs had any more international flavor to them, Georgia fans would have to quit eating at Waffle House.

Somewhat closer to home, football season is almost here! By that, of course, I mean that Bulldog Nation is gearing up for women’s soccer. (See? I told you we were worldly types around these parts!) Not only has soccer picture day taken place, but four Lady Bulldogs have been named to the SEC soccer preseason watch list, which took the place of the traditional all-conference team. Goalie Ashley Baker and midfielder Alexa Newfield were named for the second straight season, and the Georgia women open the autumn next Friday, August 17, after conducting an intrasquad scrimmage this Friday evening.

We turn now to actual honest-to-goodness American football, about which, um, yeah, so, there was this magazine cover. Orson Swindle says it doesn’t mean anything. Year2 says it means darned near everything. Me? I’m just happy to be nominated. If the Georgia Bulldogs are deemed by the Worldwide Leader in Sports to be worthy of anti-SEC voodoo curses equally with the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers, well, hey, I reckon we must be doing something right. Naturally, I credit Mark Richt’s goatee.

I don’t want to give ESPN too tough a time, though, because ESPN published this. Also out of Bristol is the news that Mizzou lost a couple of offensive linemen, which could do more to bolster the veracity of chuckdawg’s forecast of Georgia’s SEC opener even than the uncertain status of James Franklin.

How did I know it was time for me to write a new edition of Dawg Bites? Because I always write a new edition of Dawg Bites when Randy Travis gets arrested on a drinking charge, and Randy Travis got arrested on a drinking charge.

Two-a-days are underway, and Marlon Brown was among the standouts at Wednesday’s first fall scrimmage, so maybe Aaron Murray didn’t lose all his friends. Here’s what’s making me nervous, though: Penn Wagers was in Athens!

Finally, I regret that I must end on a somber note, as SB Nation blogger Tim Allen passed away earlier this week. I did not personally know Tim, who covered the Minnesota Timberwolves for this network, but we were colleagues, and I know from those who had the privilege of counting themselves among his friends that Tim was a well-liked and well-respected individual, both in the blogosphere and in the rest of life. He was taken from us at too young an age, and he will be missed.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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