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Running with the Bulls: Previewing the Georgia-Buffalo game

If we get to see Brandon Harton running with the Bulls tomorrow, then that means it was a good day.
Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE
If we get to see Brandon Harton running with the Bulls tomorrow, then that means it was a good day. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Tomorrow, Georgia fans. Our season starts in 24 hours!

(does happy dance)

In anticipation of our upcoming season opener, we asked Tim Riordan from Bull Run, SB Nation's Buffalo blog, a few questions about his team and tomorrow's game. I also answered some questions for him, which are posted at this link. Here are Tim's answers to our questions:

1) Who is Buffalo's most dangerous player, and why should we be concerned about him?

Khalil Mack, he a heart breaker and sack maker... wait what... he beat on who? isn't that our receiver? He's out for Georgia you say.

Ok with Mack out of uniform I have to go with Branden Oliver. He's on several post season award lists at halfback and he is sitting behind the best line of his career. Oliver get very good speed and incredible power out of his 5'8" frame. He's also got much more elusive as last season wore on.

Hes one of those players who, on an August day off, straps weights on and goes running up and down a hill.

If the line gives Bo even the slightest hole he's good for some productive yards. The Biggest thing about BO is that when you take him down he's going to be going forward for another yard or two.

2) Are your recent suspensions going to make a significant difference in the product UB will be putting out on the field Saturday?

Oh most definitely, especially against an offensive line that Georgia is just breaking in. Khalil Mack should have been on the same side of the line as defensive end Steven Means, those two on the same side can be trouble for pretty much any team.

If Buffalo wanted to keep it respectable, let alone compete in this game, we needed Mack. Khalil makes big play in the backfield and is excellent at stripping the ball out.

3) So... Turner Gill. He was pretty cool, wasn't he?

Yes and no.

The further away we get from 2008 the more I take my Gill-Goggles off and see what he really was. A pretty good coach who inherited a ton of talent and got the most out of it.

His predecessor Coach Hofher brought in Willy, Starks, Trevor Scott, and Mike Newton. In short it was Hofher who brought future NFL talent to Buffalo.

Gill was a smart coach who eased into his system and knew where to put guys. When he left, however, we had no dept on the offensive line. It's taken the program years to restock the line and get some experience.

4) Are you guys going to start Cordy Glenn against us on Saturday? 'Cause that would be a total jerk move.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Let's just say he looks good in Blue and White.

Thanks to Tim for initiating and participating in this exchange, and for being a good sport about my "Buffalo Bills" joke, which I'm sure he has never heard before.

It's almost time for FOOTBAW!

Go Dawgs!