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Wednesday Evening Dawg Bites Asks: Why Didn't The Ramones Just Watch ACC Football?

There are a variety of ways to make it through the last interminable 24 hours before honest to goodness SEC football kicks off. Here's one:

Mark Richt has lost control of Joey Ramone's fingers and toes. Jeff Schultz is very disappointed.

The proverbial hay is in the barn, and your workday is done. So kick back, relax, and take a look at what's making headlines on College Kickoff Eve. Find out what's happening after the jump.

Pigskin Tidbits

Mark Richt remains cagey about the status of Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree, each presumed suspended for from 1 to 84 games for violating some sort of policy against drugs, lawyers, guns, money or Warren Zevon memorabilia. Or not. Mark Richt is a riddle wrapped in a puzzle swaddled in an enigma and nested in bacon. And I'm totally cool with that.

It's probably safe to bet that neither will play against Buffalo and also that it won't make one dime's worth of difference, other than to give Connor Norman and Christian Robinson more snaps. All this speculation however will certainly reach a crescendo about a week from now when Georgia's getting ready to head to Columbia, Missouri.

One guy who will be on the field in the Classic City on Saturday is Ramik Wilson, who's followed up a solid freshman campaign by securing a starting spot at outside linebacker opposite Jarvis Jones. Wilson is a versatile guy with good size, excellent pass rush skills, and (as we saw this spring) better than expected coverage skills. I don't want to get too excited, but with Jordan Jenkins and Josh Harvey-Clemons both pushing for playing time as true freshmen this season and Wilson and Amarlo Herrera returning, the linebacking corps at least may not be that bad off in 2013.

Kolton Houston may not be walking through that door, and neither will Hunter Long except in a walking boot. That's the status of Georgia's offensive line. Still. Also Coach Grantham says Devin Bowman is in line to play serious snaps in the defensive backfield, which can't be, because I read a blog post that said you're a washed up has-been if you're not starting by the end of your freshman year. It's yet another reminder that depth is king, and that the most important player on your roster by week 8 could be a 3rd string center. God bless college football.

Miscellany Of A High And Aggravated Nature.

So, apparently Bobby Flay was right: you really can sell anything out of a food truck.

Holy crap. She's no Katrina thankfully, but that's quite a tropical moisture-fueled circular saw buzzing through the Gulf Coast. Our thoughts are with readers and nonreaders dealing with more serious Irene-related issues than the sporadic torrential rains we saw here in Macon through the past couple of days. Stay safe, folks.

By the way, I turned off the Weather Channel last night when Jim Cantore pointed out that when it comes to hurricanes, "size matters." I have also come to the conclusion that Al Roker's role as a storm correspondent is a cleverly concealed assassination plot. I will also pay a sizeable bounty for a gif of Al Roker clinging horizontally to a palm tree outside Biloxi if it ever comes to that.

Until tomorrow, when Cocktail Thursday and college football return . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!