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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Ezekiel 25:17 Edition

What's red & black, has no relation to UGA, has Samuel L. Jackson in it, and is totally legal for me to use?

What's red & black, has no relation to UGA, has Samuel L. Jackson in it, and is totally legal for me to use? THIS PHOTO.

Good morning, kids! It's a beautiful Friday around the Southeast(ern Conference) and we are less than a week away from kickoff. I know all of you are like me and ready to see any college football team play another one, so I'll save you the paragraph of me talking about how badly I've caught "the fever."

There is one amazing bit of news that's already been covered extensively already, but it's worth mentioning again: OMG SAMUEL L. JACKSON IS A UGA FAN AND HE IS IMPREGNATING THIS TEAM WITH CURSE WORDS AND BAD-ASSITUTDE. The only thing that could top this would be if we brought in Morgan Freeman to do Play-by-Play at games.

...oh, and not to be outdone in the "no seriously, we're cool" contest, Georgia Tech has decided that two can play this game. Sources say that other Pulp Fiction superstars John Travolta and "The Gimp" have been spotted around campus.

In honor of Mr. L. Jackson visiting the Dawgs, today's Dawg Bites will feature lines from Ezekiel 25:17, which was made famous first in the Bible, and second in this monologue from Pulp Fiction.

Links for your last Friday of no college football after the jump.

"And the tyranny of evil men..." -- The NCAA sucks. There's no need to rehash it with a link. It's been proven all over the Internet.

"Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and goodwill..." -- Yesterday on Twitter, Hunkerdowndawgs mentioned that if Samuel L. Jackson (@samuelljackson) wanted to come on The Dawg Gone Podcast, he'd be willing to donate money for it to happen, with the proceeds going to charity (it's worth mentioning that he wasn't the only one that said this). While I'm not calling for anyone to do that, I thought it was a really cool idea, so it's worth a tip of the cap for creativity's sake. I reached out to Mr. L. Jackson, but have gotten no response. I think Bubba told him not to talk to me. Yes, I'm still bitter. #RIPBUBBABLITZ

"...and the finder of lost children." -- John Jenkins "found" his way after fighting through a tough camp last year. We all know it took the biggest number six you'll ever see a minute to get his footing, but once he did, he was a force on the front line. Look for the domination that he and Kwame shared last year to continue this year from day one, moment one.

"And I will strike down upon thee..." -- It looks like another one of Missouri's players have gotten hurt. This time, it was Jack Meiners, a left guard, who started seven games for the Tigers last year. They're already thin on the offensive line due to other injuries, and things aren't looking better. I'm slowly starting to feel better about this game, but I'm still scared to death of it.

"...with great vengeance..." -- So it looks like Da'Rick Rogers no longer has a team for which to play, and it's the end result of what we all knew was going to happen sooner or later. If you don't care about losing to Kentucky, you're in the wrong line of work, son.

"...and furious anger." -- It's Bobo's fault. Well, not really...yet.

Start your Friday off right, Dawg fans -- tell the Florida grad you want extra jelly on that Hardee's biscuit.

Go Dawgs!