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Singing instead of clapping, Vol. I

Good morning, Dawg fans. This is Vineyarddawg, your friendly internet hall monitor. You might remember me from such internet hall monitoring actions as endlessly berating UGA students for not showing up at football games, or for publicly calling Isaiah Crowell an obscene term during a fit of anger.

Well, friends, today I yell from behind you in the giant hallway of tubes known at the Internets regarding a subject that is near and dear to my heart: Singing the Georgia fight songs that our band plays instead of merely clapping along with them. The "standing there and clapping" thing was so appealing to me for the last 30+ years, but really, I think we can now do better.

Fortunately, the Redcoat Band agrees with me! The band is slightly tweaking its traditional pregame medley this year to encourage fans to sing along with one of Georgia's two traditional fight songs: "Hail to Georgia." (The other traditional fight song, "Glory," does not require a change in the way it's played to sing along with.)

To prepare for this change, the Redcoats have helpfully provided a recording with which to practice singing "Hail to Georgia." The video is provided below, along with the song's lyrics (which are also given in the video, though with one or two minor alterations):

Hail to Georgia down in Dixie!

A college honored, fair, and true!

The red and black is her standard, proudly it waves,

Streaming today and the ages through!

She's the fairest of the Southland!

We'll pledge our love to her for aye! (pronounced like the letter "A")

To that college dear we'll raise a cheer!

All hail to dear old U-G-A!!

And with that I bid you adieu for today. Please do tell all of your friends about this... I'd love to hear a stadium full of Dawg fans singing a school song that is literally a century or more old!

Go Dawgs!