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Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot

Y'all giving me another year and no beni's?
Y'all giving me another year and no beni's?

It has come to our attention from reader Mark Mandingo that according to Athens Online, Sonny Seiler is saying UGA is not going to have the next Uga, who would be Uga IX, anytime soon. The next heir apparent is not working out as "neither one of them [bulldog pups] could mature into the type dog that we'd like." Leaving Russ to do what he has done all along - do all the work any Uga can do, with none of the glory and credit of "Uga". This is simply becoming uncool. Say what you will, Russ is a DGD. He's done his duty, being pulled off the line, and put back on it, time and time again. If we were to write a book after a great 2012 season, Russ would truly be the unsung hero. What happened to the past two Uga's was truly tragic and horrible, however, Russ shouldn't have to be the one hung out to dry because of it.

Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot for life or until health concerns overtake his ability to serve.

I don't believe he needs to be crowned Uga IX. I like the idea that in the line of 8 Uga's, one goes by Russ, he was a DGD, and that is that. It shows we're human and love dogs, that a spot of brown doesn't prevent equal status with other Uga's, and he deserves to be interred right there with his siblings. Besides, it will be a cool story to tell your grandchildren one day.

Sonny Seiler has done the University a tremendous favor in his undertaking. We are so thankful for his dedication, passion, and work. Uga's are, after all, family pets. His family's pets. Sonny is a great man and a DGD himself; however, it shocked me to hear him say "... Russ has his own fan club, can you believe that?" Yes, Sonny, I can. I'm in it. Most of the Bulldog Nation is in it. Let's just do what is already being done. Sonny, you just said that Russ meets all of your requirements, except two: He's too old (now) and he has a brown spot. That excuse is a day late and a dollar short. Sir, respectfully, Russ already is the mascot. Let him do what he's earned the right to do. Strip the word "interim" off of the title, and make Russ *the* UGA Bulldog.