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Georgia Bulldog Jarvis Jones Named to SB Nation Preseason All-American Team

Life features both the good and the bad. As we established earlier today, Chuck Thompson resides squarely in the "bad" column. We in Bulldog Nation also take the view that the SB Nation college football hall of fame’s selection of Ricky Williams over Herschel Walker was bad, mm-kay? To give credit where credit is due, however, we must acknowledge that everyone’s favorite sports blogging network got it right when it came to the 2012 preseason college football All-American team.

As you may recall, Mr. Sanchez compiled the Dawg Sports All-American ballot, on which he conscientiously included only one of the Georgia Bulldogs, that being Jarvis Jones. It turns out that our SB Nation colleagues concurred, as Jones made the grade.

About Jones, I had this to say:

The NCAA owed Georgia a solid after the A.J. Green suspension, and the Bulldogs were due a favor from Lane Kiffin after delivering him his only halfway-notable career victory; the Red and Black were paid back, with interest, in the form of Jarvis Jones, a USC transfer who was cleared to play at the 11th hour last autumn. The hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end made the most of his opportunity, thriving in Todd Grantham's 3-4 scheme, which puts a premium on variability and versatility of the sort Jones embodies. To top it all off, he returned in 2012 with the stated goal of elevating both his game and the Bulldogs'. Jones finishes the drill on the field, is a team leader in the locker room, and stays away from scooters and parking tickets on campus. What's not to like?

Our congratulations go out to Jarvis Jones on this richly deserved honor from the blogosphere, which almost makes up for the Herschel Walker slight.


Go ‘Dawgs!

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