Bracket of Hate Week 4 (part 2)

OK we started off week 4 with a match up between UT an UF, but as we move to the right side of the bracket we see that Georgia Tech soundly defeated Alabama 89% to 11%...that result should not surprise anyone. In the second game on that side of the bracket we saw the gallant gamecocks go down in defeat against the Tigers of Auburn by a margin of 74%-26%...Honestly the SCAR chickens made it a round further than I personally thought they would, but at the end of the day we have Georgia Tech facing Auburn in the right side of "Don't let the looser go hunting with out Kevlar". Here we have an ACC intruder (could not hack the SEC) going up against the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

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Seriously are we actually talking about a school that thinks a Model A Coupe still looks stylish while running around trying to sting people and another that calls themselves the Tigers but spends the pre-game show watching a bird fly around???? Against these opponents we have 2 of the longest series in college football. UGA and Ga Tech have met on the grid iron since 1893 missing only 14 annual games since then (and every year since 1925). As for the WarPlainEagleMen, UGA first took the field against our beloved Bulldogs in 1892 and have only missed 5 years between then and now (last time we missed our annual game was in the year 1943)

We often call our little brothers from the Capital City classless and for some reason they do not understand why, Usually as ammunition for this I just simply say Cumberland. Cumberland disbanded its football team prior to the 1916 season, but tech forced the school to honor the scheduled game, so Cumberland fielded a ragtag team and faced a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Gnats by a score of 220-0. The coach that was running the Tech program at the time...John Heisman.

Another example of Tech class is the fact that they love to chop block and try to injure our honorable defensive players. (will not mention certain message boards and blogs)

U(sic)GA...thUGA...AJC....there is no end

Destroying our hedges in 2008...I could go on and on about why I hate Tech but then we would never get to the poll so I will let you remember all the reasons why Tech is a classless football program so I will just end my rant on our little brothers with two facts that I always hear about. Georgia Tech won the first ever game between us and them and 45-42. Clean, Old Fashioned Hate...or just HATE?

As for the Tigers from Auburn, it has always been a love-hate relationship...We just love to hate them. They have always been a thorn in our sides. The single loss in UGA's 1942 National Championship year was to them.

After a promising university career at UGA Pat Dye defected and went to the "loveliest village on the plains" (WTH really).

Even on probation they manage to irk us...anyone remember 2004?

I cannot even water my yard without thinking about Auburn, as I would imagine anyone in Auburn for the game in 1986 remembers well.

Cam Newton (Cecil and 180K), Nick Fairly, Gene Chizik, Pat Dye, Toomer's Corner..As with the other team in this contest there are tons of reason to hate..just think on it

So as we move to the poll in this game we have almost 220 games to reflect on before selecting a looser...think well and vote...Who do you really hate, the Gnats or the DamnWarEagles?

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