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Dawg Sports welcomes SBNation's newest SEC Blog

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As Kyle often says, our rivalries are institutional rivalries and not personal ones, even if it does feel awfully personal. With that thought in mind, we want to extend a very warm welcome to the newest SEC Blog in our greater SBNation family, College and Magnolia. College and Magnolia replaces Track 'Em Tiger as the Auburn University blog in the family.

I know we all love to pick on Auburn fans like a younger brother or sister (who may or may not be the milkman's kid adopted,) and really after 115 games to have a 53-54-8 record really does tell the story of the rivalry. But I'm sure I speak for everyone here at Dawg Sports when I say we're all just tickled red & black to have the fine folks over at College and Magnolia join us. More importantly, I know we're looking forward to a fantastic football season and beating the Tigers at home to tie up the series. I'm sure they'll have another shot at a national championship just as soon as they manage to save up the cash to buy another quarterback real soon, bless their hearts.

Y'all feel free to drop by College and Magnolia and make 'em feel real welcome.