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The Dawg Wørd(s): July 7, 2012

As one might expect, with the level of traffic we regularly receive at Dawg Sports, we show up in a lot of search results. Generally, most of our search-result visitors have entered something fairly predictable, like "Georgia Bulldogs football," "did Georgia win last night," "Michael Adams has tiger chlamydia," or something like that. (Ok, not that last one. But still.)

And then, we have the outliers. Any comments by me are in (parentheses) below, and I have excluded all of the NSFW results. All of the following search terms have been used to reach a page or picture on the website within the last 7 days:

- arlington cemetery
- rising falling steady
- saturday evening post, baseball
- threeve $texas
- purple pig beaumont
- cover page for hamlet
- nobos de boy bulldog
- clock face
- odysseus statue
- network apology
- red dawg mccoy
- tired and fat gridiron player
- section 319 at turner field
- my mom doesn't want me to play lax
- randy white george bush
- walk signs
- mind kalestenics
- photo of ducks hating on dawgs (lolwut?)
- name of bulldog at notre dame (again I say... lolwut)
- worst face tattoos (answer: all of them)
- brooks brown mudhens
- poker
- last will and testament t kyle king (uh....)
- black heart shape
- essential spirits for tailgate bar
- 25 cents
- gordon gekko
- special agent scully
- rec singapore rice noodles
- aye aye ippy ippy aye.
- cunningham family
- carne de cabra
- how to grow an evil beard
- freeman dune drawing
- my thoughts are not safe here troll
- isah crowell nobody understands (of course...)
- a breakfast before flag football game
- white saluki
- good times in georgia (ERROR 404: FILE NOT FOUND)
- once again i want to offer my sincerest apologies.

From the "How do I Internet" department:
- updateonshawnwilliamsgeorigabulldog
- vermouth martini shower curtain
- william hurtnfl
- dominique wilkins state year round
- sucesses de bites

From the "Dang, are you in the wrong place" department:
- should new mexico move to the big 12
- ugly cat sweater
- jay clark cyclones baseball
- presbyterian college football 2013 schedule
- cute dreaming kitty gif
- the cutest animals in the world ever
- weeds season 1
- black hairy spider oregon
- fantastic four movie cast
- a brief history of vanderbilt university
- col derrick dykes bio
- why is there a pickle on chicken sandwiches from chick fil a (We do not ask why, sirrah. We simply enjoy the perfection.)
- siam park lazy river
- tennessee tech university dorm rooms 2011
- war eagle
- bikini destinations india
- clemson athletics

And finally, this week's edition of the Dawg Wørd(s) Mad Lib, where the blanks are filled in with (mostly) randomly chosen search terms:
All across the country, the spidey-sense of opportunistic coaches at second-tier programs perked up like _thomas riker_ sensing a nearby _bottle of jack_. Shortly thereafter, the word broke: Isaiah Crowell was now the college football equivalent of a free agent. While Dawg fans were asking themselves _how could he be so obtuse_, junior college coaches were salivating. Terry Bowden's face momentarily lit up like a _struck oil photo_, but then his coaches reminded him that Crowell would still have to sit out a year in the MAC. The coach at Blinn Junior College asked _who is worse the fool or the fool who follows_, but then quickly added, "Of course, we'll take him anyway." Jacksonville State, Coastal Carolina (who needs more dawgs), and South Alabama all inquired about his _hot librarian look_, but apparently decided against recruiting him too heavily. Finally, after hearing that his _nude rock band_ would be allowed there, Crowell committed to playing football at The University of Alabama State. (And the rest, as they say, is history.)