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EA Sports Must Hate the Georgia Bulldogs

The man that should have been on the cover of NCAA FB 2013 from the start.
The man that should have been on the cover of NCAA FB 2013 from the start.

We knew when the greatest college player of all time didn't make the cover of EA NCAA College Football 2013 that it was just youthful voting on the internet. And we have seen internet voting doesn't really mean all that much lately. It was no big deal though. Then it was brought to our attention by RedCrake that EA Sports painted Herschel Walker as a Tiger a few weeks ago. It wasn't cool at all. But it seems that just wasn't enough for them and although EA wasn't willing to just straight out put Herschel on the cover from the start, they had no problem using him and UGA for their commercials. Herschel as an Auburn Tiger. Herschel as a Florida Gator. And now, Tim Tebow as a Dawg. I'm not putting up any more links of the mess in my post.

This pisses me the hell off. And I don't plan to give EA Sports any money ever.

It's understandable that you can exchange players in a video game. I get it. It isn't just those two players, I understand. But they went after UGA for their promos. They picked our most heralded player to be in our most hated rival's colors, and picked one of our most hated opponent players to be in Red and Black for their commercial. Someone thinks this mess is real cute. And let's not forget their ranking systems don't match the reality of our team. It appears perhaps even Steve Spurrier himself may have connections at EA sports, or at the least, there's a staff of Techies, Tigers or Gators having a lot of fun out our expense. And apparently the announcers in the game even get a little hate on as well.

Screw EA Sports NCAA Football 2013. Screw them to hell. How hard was it just to put the man on the cover and call it good? And if your kids or friends think this is all cool, well, we got folks around here that can do some serious history learning on how much we don't care for Auburn. Or Florida. This isn't cool or funny and their Mommas wouldn't even say it's nice. Send them the hate mail, and GO DAWGS!