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The USC - Notre Dame Rematch for the National Championship. The Pac X Strikes Back

chuckdawg, you tripping.  Now go fix me a samich.
chuckdawg, you tripping. Now go fix me a samich.

To begin, think of who's posting this. The idea of the University of Southern California or Notre Dame winning a NC makes me sick to my stomach. I don't talk about these two programs casually, it makes me think of meteors and 0-0 ties. Then again, a lot of weird football stuff runs through my head in this inferno heat from hell thinking about what may be or not be in this year's football schedule. Actually, about 9 months ago, I had a crazy thought maybe UGA vs USC in a championship game for this season was a possibility. (Even the great Carnac the Magnificent couldn't predict the skill set wide suspensions UGA is pulling off annually). There is no way around USC being very good this year. I studied on Notre Dame, and I think they are going to be very good this year, although it's been fun watching them fail in their real gold helmets. USC plays ND on Nov 24, it what very likely will be BCS NC appearance game for one of the teams. Notre Dame has some tough opponents on their slate, with Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, and Oklahoma (oxford comma, don't want you to think Stanford and Oklahoma is one school). Then they finish up at USC which will be a very big game for tv. A 1 loss ND could make the NC game easily.

And then the thought crossed my mind. Let's say an undefeated Notre Dame beats USC in a closely fought slugfest by 3 pts. USC then goes on to destroy someone in the conference championship game with only one loss on their schedule to ND. The voters can finally have a chance to keep the SEC out (I don't think anyone is going undefeated in the SEC, regardless of this hypothetical). Then you get the irony of another rematch, not with the SEC, oh, it would be so sweet says the rest of the nation. Game of the year of the decade of the century of the millennium of the solar system of the galaxy of the universe. Snub the SEC and get two of the biggest tv audiences in America in a rematch. Oh yea, ESPN is all in for that game. Of course Vegas would love it.

Don King used to lay in bed and dream up stuff like this. Weird crawling around in his head.

Am I crazy? Maybe. But if something along these lines happens, you heard it here first. What are your crazy preseason thoughts? I appreciate the methodical way y'all have been going game by game, but it never breaks down like that. Someone, somewhere will upset somebody. Something crazy will happen. UGA will go 13-1 with a loss to Kentucky. That kind of thing. Any wild predications out there?