Fifteen thoughts on a slow Sunday afternoon

I'm watching the Georgia-Florida replay on CBS Sports Network right now, waiting for the chicken (or as my late Aunt's "help" used to call it, the "Gospel Bird") come out of the oven. Here are a few thoughts as I watch the replay and let my stream of consciousness take over. We really could've been blown out (again) early in this game, and would have been in any other season not named 1997, 2004, 2007.

1. We're going to miss Brandon Boykin
2. You can clearly see Blair Walsh rushing kicks on replay. How no one spotted this is beyond me. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I bet the late Bill Hartman would've had him cured by the 2nd quarter of Ole Miss.
3. Florida is going to miss Demps and Rainey, big time.
4. Florida is going to miss Brantley more than they'd care to admit.
5. Our punt and kickoff coverage better get some attention. It has consistently sucked for several seasons now.
6. I have a feeling that Keith Marshall will be at least as effective as Crowell was. I'm not worried about his running ability. Can he pick up the blitz? Look for Todd Gurley to contribute later in the year as he learns the playbook.
7. I like it when Murray decides to run for a first down on manageable 3rd down plays. He's pretty fast.
8. Michael Bennett could be great. Marlon Brown, if healthy, could be a difference maker.
9. Our DBs have got to catch and cash in on some pick-6 chances this season. I bet we left about 42 points on the table through the course of the 2011. Some of these could've made the difference in a loss or two...
10. If it ain't there, eat it, chuck it out of bounds, take the sack or whatever. Punt the ball and let the defense make them flip the field.
11. Jarvis Jones gets stronger as the game goes on. Can't wait to see how our new S&C philosophy affects the other dudes.
12. Tavarres King can make spectacular catches. It's the routine that still worries me.
13. They're a bit cocky over in CoMo. We need to do something about this.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Missouri wins that game. The atmosphere/energy will be unprecedented. We can analyze all summer about schemes and coaching philosophies, but bottom line, players play. And Georgia’s going to be missing some of its better players. Plus, consider this: Georgia is just 10-12 away from Athens the last three years.

[Columbia Tribune]

h/t leather helmet blog

14. The SEC must address the issue of a universal drug policy, ASAP. We are not playing at the SEC Poker table with a full deck.
15. Can we survive the first 2-4 weeks without our suspended defensive guys? Some young guys are going to get an opportunity to show what they can do.


Bonus thought: I loved Orson Charles. But I can't wait to see how Jay Rome does with his size advantage over some shorter LB'ers. Artie Lynch will cause some problems as well.

Go Dawgs!

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