Interesting article here from the Leather Helmet Blog that I wish I knew more about. Truthfully, I'm not so much concerned with debating how much Richt Bobo will play Lemay because, as we all know, if Lemay turns out to be excellent he will be either (1) under-utilized, (2) incorrectly utilized, (3) too predictably utilized or, most likely, (4) a combination of all three aforementioned Bobo'isms.

Rather, I want some meat on Lemay's attributes because, quite frankly, its way too easy to forget the excitement of a February 18 months ago when a kid gets redshirted. Couple that with the strange snafu at his high school and it seems like David Greene was our quarterback the last time there was any good footage of Lemay (disclosure: I don't travel 8 hours for G-Day). Is he really much of a duel threat quarterback ? I'd always understood him to be more of a pocket guy.

Note: I'm not accusing the leather helmet blog of this (at least not yet) but there is way too much of a (very annoying) tendency to lump all african-american quarterbacks into the same categories when, quite honestly, the players are completely different in their approach to the game. I think its a mistake because it gets fans hyped up for something that maybe never was---to clarify, D.J. Shockley had absolutely BLAZING speed. Lemay may have been a great scrambler in high school, but you've gotta be pretty special to have SEC-type scrambling speed. I never knew this to be the case with Lemay, but I need the 4-1-1............GO !

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