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Announcing the Third Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast

<em>Because this man is hungry, very, very hungry.</em>
Because this man is hungry, very, very hungry.

Hey y'all, it's that time again, football season is close enough we can almost see it coming. We can feel it wafting in from distant lands on a gentle breeze. With football season brings our annual little shindig. No actual goats are harmed int he process or the shindig. It's a very casual, come-as-you-are sort of affair. It's also sometimes NSFW. If you've "met us" you're not surprised by any of this. I'll hit you with details after the jump...

There's a little bit of same bat time, same bat channel for y'all. I've had an awfully busy year with personal issues and besides, The Blind Pig still meets all the requirements. Good food, Good Booze, On Campus, and they pretty much let us do what we want within reason. So the location is..........The Blind Pig 485 Baldwin, Athens.

We took a look at the revised schedule for 2012 before picking a date. If you've heard about the 1st & 2nd rounds, you won't be surprised to know that this year's date is October 20th. The Bulldogs will be on the road facing the Kentucky Wildcats. Since it's not a basketball game, a good time should be had by all. Since game time is TBD, party time is TBD.

The last piece of this puzzle is all yours. Every year we've had an official T Shirt. Get your crayons out and your thinking caps on. We know some of you can draw. We know some of you can't. Sometimes, the tshirt designed by the fan who can't draw is the one chosen, so don't let a perceived lack of technical artistic ability be an obstacle.

Draw away.................................and feel free to post designs in the comments below :)