Isaiah Crowell Arrested early Friday morning on felony charges.


No, this is not a joke. More details coming as they are available. UPDATE: Crowell was arrested at a police checkpoint that was set up at E. Campus Road and Green St. on the UGA campus. (That's adjacent to Aderhold Hall.) That's where the "in a school zone" charge comes from. (h/t: Seth Emerson) UPDATE 2: Crowell was stopped at the checkpoint because the police allegedly thought they smelled marijuana, and asked for consent to search the car. Crowell, who was the driver, consented to the search, and the weapon was found under the driver's seat. (again, h/t to Seth Emerson via the link above) UPDATE 3: Fellow UGA players Quintavius Harrow, Sheldon Dawson, Blake Tibbs and Josh Harvey-Clemons were all in the car as well with Crowell, but none of the other players were arrested. No word on if any will be suspended as a result of this incident.