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EA Sports NCAA Football 13 Wants Your Eyes To Bleed

In a couple of weeks EA Sports will release their latest edition of the NCAA Football videogame franchise. In order to see how the game might have changed since last year, I downloaded the demo on my trusty XBOX 360 and fired her up. The usual physics changes and updated rosters are there along with a new Heisman Challenge mode that allows the player to take the field as one of 10 former Heisman Legends. That seems cool, I thought. So I decided to check out the promo video on the game mode included with the demo. This is what I saw:


My eyes! Oh God! My eyes!

That's right! Herschel Walker in an Auburn uniform. Why God? Why? It turns out you can play as the Heisman Legend on a team of your choosing. Ever wanted to see Desmond Howard play for Ohio State? Yeah, me either. This is simply a terrible idea. I mean, how would Auburn fans feel about seeing Bo Jackson in a Georgia uniform? The good news is they don't have to worry about that since he didn't make the Heisman Legends list (which you can see here)

The game also features five unlockable Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. Thankfully, they left Georgia's off that list.

Feel free to share your thoughts/cries of mind-numbing agony in the comments...