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The Dawg Wørd(s): June 23, 2012

As one might expect, with the level of traffic we regularly receive at Dawg Sports, we show up in a lot of search results. Generally, most of our search-result visitors have entered something fairly predictable, like "Georgia Bulldogs football," "did Georgia win last night," "Has Michael Adams left yet?," or something like that. (Ok, not that last one. But still.)

And then, we have the outliers. Any comments by me are in (parentheses) below, and I have excluded all of the NSFW results. All of the following search terms have been used to reach a page or picture on the website within the last 7 days:

- college football poetry
- paula marshall spin city
- sulley
- audrell grace
- boston cream cut open
- astro turf problems
- is there another song for georgia tech other than rummbling?
- lionel red commodore vanderbilt
- john hedges clemson
- podunk dog
- theodore roosevelt close up
- george michael looks awful
- 25cents usa
- if you build it they will come
- milton friedman tie
- u butthert?
- haters gonna hate corinthians
- where to hide the whiskey before you enter the stadium
- orc of saruman vs orc of sauron (You see, one is like an Auburn player and one is like a Florida player.)
- heath ledger cowboy hat
- why it is called as gentle reminder
- arsenal prime
- down goes frazier
- did hawaii ever beat georgia (LOLOLOLOL)
- no time to explain i sum up
- cheering granny
- man hold pile of money (Uh, Derrick Henry actually de-committed, bro.)
- the rock gif doom
- kevin bacon pointing
- audrey horne coffee
- nixon now more than ever poster
- bearclaw pastry
- nct ww1 explosive
- the joker face cartoon
- crazy chick
- dad from step brothers
- bengal player broke national championship trophy
- the new phonebook is here
- images how to lie down on the couch (Uh... you need instructions for that?)
- loser dvd cover
- nature of puerto rico
- temporary insanity juvenile
- ice cube, smokey, and the paths for friday
- auburn football: over 50 years of buying success and violating ncaa rules
- glamorous story of nascar chartered accountant
- twittle the knobs and let me know when it drops
- no matter how far away we were

From the "How do I Internet" department:
- priester de om it's ga
- stanford stadium
- buwaya editorial cartooning
- bulldawgs weak schedual (PPAAAWWWWWWLLL)
- epizode galations fodball
- hines ward as sportsanalist (How to I unfortunate misspelling?)
- tamu viz setting up email android phone
- georgia bulldogs muddy waters collage offers

From the "Dang, are you in the wrong place" department:
- kittens
- auburn new uniforms
- gators beat dawgs pics
- cliff from dallas
- what is considered a bad credit score?
- mountain west chances in new playoff
- 2012 florida tuskers tryouts
- chicken party gif
- d2 football in texas
- chicken party gif
- oglethorpe university baseball field
- gator den
- heinz 57
- personal particulars for player m.reus

And finally, this week's edition of the Dawg Wørd(s) Mad Lib, where the blanks are filled in with (mostly) randomly chosen search terms:
The Dawg Sports' staff were just milling around, gathering for their weekly staff meeting/_star trooper dance_. Eventually, the Mayor called the meeting to order. He began the meeting by discussing the need for more _butthurt palpatine_, which everyone agreed with. He also directed the staff to write about _cowgirls_ and _winston churchill as a baby_ more frequently. When he opened the floor to other business, however, is when things really got weird. Chuckdawg announced that he was once again changing his name to _very cute cat_. RedCrake decided he needed to _remark on independence day_ right there in the middle of the meeting. Hailtogeorgia kept saying the phrase "_drink fight win get naked georgia tech_" with a fake Aussie accent. And for some reason, podunkdawg kept muttering "_a herd of cattle_" to herself over and over. MaconDawg and DavetheDawg almost game to blows while arguing about _hazards on the rugby field_, and NCT, Ludakit, and Spears spent the entire time civilly discussing the finer points of _furman division 1 lacrosse_. I have no idea what Mr. Sanchez and The Quincy Carter of Accountants were doing, since they left the meeting early to _say no to meth_. (Cowards.) Eventually, Kyle realized he had lost control of the meeting (as usual) and adjourned the fracas so everyone could go watch _italian football supporters crying_.