What is the biggest play of the Mark Richt era?

Kyle's post on the easy answer of the greatest highlight in UGA history got me thinking, what is the biggest single play in the Mark Richt era of the several years? We've got a few options, with a poll below, and videos off youtube of each where possible. If I forget anything you want added, just say so below, and I'll edit it in.

The celebration vs. Florida in 2007

David Greene to Michael Johnson on 70 X Takeoff

The Hobnail Boot game highlights

The Pollack sack/pick all in one motion

Decory Bryant's punt block in the 2002 SEC Title (after the 11 minute mark, full game highlight)

Bryan McClendon's punt block (2 minute, 45 second mark) and Sean Bailey's bomb (at the 45 second mark)

Odell's 99 yd Int return

Sean Jones 99 yd fumble return

Knowshon's hurdling

AJ's sticky fingers

Blue protects the middle of the field

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