U.S. Open Day Two Open Comment Thread: The Dukes Of The Water Hazard.


Noted General Lee enthusiast, University of Georgia golfer and Masters champ Bubba Watson had one of those days on Thursday at the U.S. Open. He shot a 78, putting him 12 shots off the lead, and 1 solitary stroke ahead of a 14 year old. Friday of course is cut day, and Watson has a lot of work to do if he wants to see the course this weekend. Of course, after being befuddled by Olympia's long, narrow fairways and putt-putt course hole placements Bubba may be ready to get out of San Fransisco.

Alas, today is a new day, and Watson is really only a neat 6 under par 64 on Olympia's hellish 7100+ yard layout away from being right back in this thing. Stop laughing. This is a no fun zone. Just ask Phil Mickelson, defending Open champ Luke Donald and the chino-clad sadists at the USGA's tournament committee, who have put together the kind of course Boss Hawg and Roscoe would set up for the Hazard Country Club member guest, before deploying Enos to move Boss's ball in the rough. So, I'd ask you to enjoy today's festivities in the most seemly, decorous manner possible. Feel free to commiserate about golf, life, music, Game of Thrones, barbeque, and whatever else pops into your heads. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

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