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Tuesday Midday Dawg Bites: Bubba Watson, Barry Switzer, and Broken Marriages Edition

The Bulldogs’ 2011-’12 academic year is finished, which means the offseason truly is upon us. Nevertheless, much is afoot in and around the Empire State of the South that warrants our attention, so permit me a moment to offer a brief rundown of a few details of which you ought to be aware; to wit:

While Georgia hasn’t won a national championship recently, the University has enjoyed its fair share of success among the alumni and faculty. Loch Johnson, after being named the inaugural SEC Professor of the Year, said, "I have a dream in which every athlete is a scholar and every scholar is an athlete." (Professor Johnson, this is what I’ve been saying!) Also, as you may have heard, Bubba Watson won the Masters, which is relevant for present purposes because Watson will be paired with Phil Mickelson and some womanizing has-been to start the U.S. Open.

In addition, former Georgia swimmer Troyden Prinsloo qualified for the London Olympics, where he will represent his native South Africa. Roughly 50 of his fellow Bulldogs will compete in the U.S. Olympic swimming trials, which begin on June 25 in Omaha, because, when you think of swimming, you think of Nebraska. To top it all off, Mark Richt received a commitment from a four-star outside linebacker with a North Avenue Trade School pedigree, which is satisfying for so many, many reasons.

There’s a lot not to like about Barry Switzer, but I give the man credit for saying this: “Line up and run the ball north and south out of the I-formation with a split end attack or a tight end attack, and run the option at the corner of the defense attacking the perimeters, and you've got the best offense there is with the play-action passing game.” Yep.

Finally, Jason Kirk has written the best thing ever in the history of ever, with which I am in complete agreement.

That should get you up to speed and ready to dive into your afternoon fully briefed, but, if you think I’ve missed an item of note, by all means, drop us a link in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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