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Hello, My Name Is.....tankertoad is now chuckdawg

Hello Dawg Sports. This is still the same misspelling, bad grammar writin' tankertoad, but by a new name. I have changed my name in preparation for the fall to align radio/podcasts with the blog, and, frankly, most people call me chuck now anyhow. Also, if I do get to do any serious beat type reporting, the name alignment should help. Had I known I would be on staff and on the air, I would have elected a different name than tankertoad from the start. I am so very thankful to T Kyle King and MaconDawg who brought me on board, and Ludakit for my involvement with his podcasts, along with all the amazing DS staff for their support and help.

Anticipate several announcements over the next months as our great football fan base comes back around. In the comments, feel free to take your shots at me or offer suggestions on what you would like to see me write about or talk with Ludakit about on the podcasts. Many thanks to all y'all for following us on Dawg Sports - "Pro Quality, Fan Driven." We can't do it without you.