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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: "MIND CALISTHENICS!" Edition

There's no mention of Jarvis Jones in this post. I was just afraid he'd sack me in my sleep if I didn't add this picture.
There's no mention of Jarvis Jones in this post. I was just afraid he'd sack me in my sleep if I didn't add this picture.

Good morning, buttercups! Are you settled in with a nice cup of coffee and looking forward to the downhill slope towards the weekend? Excellent. To get you primed and ready for your day, we're going to give your brain a little mental calisthenics so that you can crush that 9:00 AM meeting you have planned. How will we do that? By bringing you up to speed on some history, statistics, and Oprah's bees.

We begin with some articles published here earlier in the week that you may have missed. First on the docket is this excellent piece on conference relegation and promotion by VIneyarddawg. The simplistic yet elegant solution is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are so sick and tired of hearing rumors like Notre Dame to the ACC that we might just bring back the old 90s saying of "going postal."

Vineyarddawg actually had another fantastic article this week when he followed up on this History Learnin' post regarding Von Gammon, who tragically died during an 1897 Georgia/Virginia game. In this post, he focuses on the aftermath of those events. It's a great read.

To keep up with the theme of smart people doing smart things, don't forget to listen to this week's episode of The Dawg Gone Podcast, where T. Kyle King and I discuss the hot topic of banning college football.

More links and things of interest after the jump...

The Good Senator Blutarsky has this nice little post where he discusses some quotes from Steve Shaw, coordinator of officials for the SEC. I, like Blutarsky, would die to know who those four SEC officials are that will not be officiating in the conference this year. My money says Penn Wagers made the cut...somehow.

Gentry Estes of Dawgs 24/7 has this nice article up that previews the UGA Men's Golf Team's action this weekend in the NCAA regional that's being hosted in Athens. I think the Dawgs have a great shot figuring it's on the home course, but there are some very solid teams coming into town for this event.

Bernie's got this nice bit of statistical analysis that compares Grantham's defense last year to those of LSU and Bama. It's a pretty interesting read, but here's a stat that will blow your mind: 41% of the time, Bama's defense allowed ZERO (!!!) points when their opponent entered the red zone.

Finally, here are some GIFs to get your day started. They're all really random, and yes, they're all SFW.




Until next time kids.

Be safe.