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We're Going 8-4. Get Used to It.

The predictions that Georgia would win the East began almost as soon as the year did, and you may have heard that we're now a preseason blogpoll consensus top 10 team. Don't believe the hype. The Stoics taught us not to let passion interfere with clear reasoning, and Larry Munson taught us that a little pessimism never hurt anyone. So, with just 110 days left until kickoff, you need to start preparing yourself for the inevitability of an 8-4 regular season. Here's why:

Buffalo (09/01/12)
Buffalo has a great running back, but there's a reason that we're paying them nearly a million dollars to be our home opener. If we lose this game, it's time to occupy the doomsday bunkers. WIN

at Missouri (09/08/12)
Remember that time that we were returning 9 starters from one of the most dominant defenses in the country? No? Me either. All of our DBs will be suspended for this game. That is a serious problem when we're facing one of the most prolific spread offenses in the country. I have full faith in Coach Grantham's abilities as coach, but his NFL background has not fully prepared him for his initial outings against offenses that are unique to college football, particularly with a true sophomore wide receiver in his first SEC start on defense. We're in for a world of hurt, y'all. LOSS

Florida Atlantic (09/15/12)
Despite their record, the Owls are turning into a respectable... oh, Schnelly retired? Ok, yeah, we're going to WIN this one.

Vanderbilt (09/22/12)
You know what the saddest part of this game is? I have a colleague from UF who ribs me for having Vandy as a rival. And there's nothing I can say about it. But Coach Grantham's charges have a little extra motivation to bring it this year, so I'm expecting a beatdown of Biblical proportions. WIN

Tennessee (09/29/12)
Oh, Vawls. For the last couple of years, the best we could say about you was that your coach has great hair and pants. But you have some returning talent on your offensive line, and we're talking about starting a (talented) true freshman at left tackle. You're also apparently starting a future top 5 draft pick at QB. Every year that we're supposed to be great, you ruin our party, and this year won't be any different. LOSS

at South Carolina (10/06/12)
Anyone else think it's funny that some of the Gamecocks faithful are so upset about playing us in October in a year in which we have to go to their house? Real talk, though: Spurrier circles this game on his calendar every year. He does not care about anything more than beating Georgia. And you know what? He's going to do it again this year. I hate saying it as much as you hate hearing it. LOSS

at Kentucky (10/20/12)
We'll be 3-3 at this point if my math is right. No way we lose to Joker here. (Dear Kentucky fans, enjoy your basketball championship before it gets taken away. If you make a deal with the devil, he'll eventually come to collect.) WIN

Florida (10/27/12)
There are three things to remember about this game: 1) We haven't beaten Florida in consecutive seasons since 1989. 2) Will Muschamp is a pretty good defensive coach who is going into year 2, and Mikey B is a pretty inconsistent offensive coach who's going into year too many. 3) The Gators replaced Charlie Weis with a real offensive coordinator. *sigh* LOSS

Ole Miss (11/03/12)
Ole Miss's new coach's claim to fame is that he parlayed Big Mike Oher's singular talent into an assistant coaching gig at... Ole Miss. If we were undefeated at this point in the season, I'd be worried. But we won't be, so it's cool. WIN

at Auburn (11/10/12)
Replacing both of your coordinators, you say? Lost your starting running back, you say? AWWWWWWWL IN, PAWWWWWL, you say? Whatever. The good guys tie up the series to set the stage for heartbreak in 2013. WIN

Georgia Southern (11/17/12)
We certainly shouldn't take a game against a program built by one of our finest for granted, but I'll probably get arrested for trying to sacrifice a whole herd of goats at the Arch if we lose. WIN

Georgia Tech (11/24/12)
Little Brother is totally turning the corner with their latest recruiting class. In related news, the internet desperately needs a sarcasm font. But anyway, Paul Johnson is never going to beat Coach Grantham head-to-head now that Grantham has figured out the option. WIN

So, yeah, there you have it: with losses to Mizzou, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida, we're going 8-4 in 2012. Get used to it now so that you can enjoy the fall as much as possible. Just remember that lowered expectations are the key to happiness and that even mediocre football is better than no football.

Go Dawgs!