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Mother's Day Open Comment Thread

Ours is a topsy-turvy world. Due to TV contracts and petty parochialism, conference expansion may cause two teams with whom we share much history to bolt for the conference from which we just poached two teams with whom we share little history. In an instance of jerks I’d like to see Todd Grantham pummel with a tire iron seeking their own kind, James Franklin has lent his tepid support ("I don’t have a real strong opinion, but I would support that. . . . I haven’t really thought it through in great detail, but I’d support that") to Steve Spurrier’s stupid suggestion that interdivisional conference games cease to count as conference games, while, at the same time, the self-serving reason underlying Darth Visor’s proposal---that, last year, South Carolina’s permanent SEC West rival, Arkansas, was better than Georgia’s permanent SEC West rival, Auburn---increasingly appears to be a single-season phenomenon, as the Razorbacks continue to implode.

In such a world, we only are able to count on a tiny handful of certainties, but, fortunately, one of the few places of our lives in which we safely may repose faith is in the area occupied by our mothers, who are reliable and steadfast and trustworthy and true.

Bill Cosby said it best: "Here’s to Mom!" This is your Mother’s Day open comment thread, in which you are encouraged to pay tribute to all mothers everywhere, and to share stories about your mom, in particular.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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