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Dawg Sports Gains Access To OC Mike Bobo's Playbook

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On April 15, 2012, Dawg Sports submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the University of Georgia Athletic Association regarding the contents of Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo's playbook (also known as "The Green Notebook").

mike bobo green notebook Pictures, Images and Photos

On April 30, 2012, the UGAAA complied with that request. Scans of the materials submitted to Dawg Sports follow:

1st Down 2nd down 3rd Down 4th Down

Despite the brevity of its content, our lawyers were assured that these pages comprised the entirety of the notebook. Dawg Sports has a pending request for an interview with Coach Bobo, but as we are not "in the arena" we are not expecting a response.

Stay tuned for more hard hitting Georgia Bulldogs investigations in the near future.