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The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 41 is ready and is here to put the blitz on our man Bubba

NOT PICTURED: Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, or Georgia Tech graduates.
NOT PICTURED: Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, or Georgia Tech graduates.

Hello kids! Here at the Dawg Sports we love all different kinds of things. Things like America, fireworks, UGA, America, free beer, America, and former Dawgs named Bubba.

The latter part of that is what we want to bring to your attention today. Sure, in this most recent episode of the Dawg Gone Podcast, Kyle and I wax Dawg poetic about a lot of things from G-day, to Bubba Watson's win at The Masters, and top it off with some Bobby Petrino talk. However, one thing we can't seem to shake is this desire to have Bubba Watson on the show talking to you, the faithful Dawg fans who have followed him his whole career.

So with that, we're launching the Bubba Blitz. What we need you to do is to reach out to Bubba either via his Twitter handle ( or his Facebook page ( and tell him you want to hear him on The Dawg Gone Podcast. Now, since we're all fans, be as nice as possible when requesting this. We're certainly not demanding anything, but we do want to encourage Bubba to come on and speak directly to the Dawg fans who have been such faithful supporters of his over the years.

So that's the Bubba Blitz. If you don't do it for yourself. Do it for America.

Let's get you guys some links to this newest show:

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.