How Jay Clark differs from Suzanne Yoculan

As a reminder, the Gym Dogs are competing in the first round of the NCAA Championships tonight at 6:00 at the Arena at Gwinnett.

Loath as we are to link to a certain news source in Atlanta, this article is particularly noteworthy. The following quote from Jay Clark stuck out to me most:

We're not going to ‘out-difficulty' anybody; we know that. We're not going to do some of the crazy big skills you'll see some of the other teams do. But we're going to concentrate on being a super-clean team. Hit every handstand; stick all our landings. Every year that's what decides championships.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between Jay Clark and Suzanne Yoculan. Yoculan's teams shot for the moon, and their degrees of difficulty were often the highest in the competition. Not only that, but they nailed those routines more often than not.

Jay Clark is taking the "safe route." And at the top levels of intercollegiate competition, the safe route gets you fired.

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