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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Broken National Championship Trophy National Championship, PAWWWLLLLLL' Edition

Good morning, Dawg people. On this fine Tuesday morning, I hope all of you have settled into your respective work weeks, keen on the idea that, while it's not yet Wednesday, today is not everything must be Tuesday. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you, but the Chairmen of the Board seemed to be thrilled with the idea, and it worked out pretty well for them. Oh, you don't know that song? Well then, here you are...let's follow up with some bits to nosh on after the jump...

In a story that rivals the tale of Orson Charles breaking Florida's BCS Championship Trophy, the parent of a current Alabama player made a similar 'Oops' moment over the weekend (h/t Bluto & h/t Dawg2011), successfully shattering Alabama's Crystal Football into a thousand tiny little pieces. Word on the street is that this trophy had actually been performing poorly, so it was encouraged to take a medical redshirt to make room for some hot new trophy recruits on campus.

Senator Blutarsky has a nice article dissecting quotes from Todd Grantham about defensive flexibility and how it impacts the game. It's particularly interesting to note how many times Grantham specifically references "getting the best players on the field". For someone who heard this sort of thing from Willie Two Thumbs ad nauseam, it surely is nice to see Grantham say it and actually see the results. I admit that I was skeptical when Grantham was first hired that he would actually take such an approach, but it's really, REALLY refreshing to see it in action.

Here on the home front, the Georgia Equestrian team ended their season with a flop, and the Georgia baseball team showed Liberty who was boss at Foley Field yesterday afternoon. No word yet on whether or not the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" video shown on the scoreboard was approved for viewing by the Liberty baseball players.

In other news, Marc Weiszer lets us know that Greg McGarity doesn't intend to make any changes to UGA's current drug policy. I'm not really sure what to take from his quotes, because it does sound like the policy will be tweaked a bit...and if I were a betting ma...ah hell, who are we kidding...I'll bet someone a Co-Cola that being in a car with someone else who gets caught with marijuana no longer counts as a first offense (sorry, Bacarri, but I don't think it'll be retroactive).

Finally, in non-Bulldawg news, Sublime Doughnuts on 10th St. near Georgia Tech has been named best bakery in America by Bake magazine. As someone who works in the area and has had Sublime, I can say that I vouch for the awesomeness that are the donuts from Sublime. The fruit filled donuts are particularly refreshing, and the donuts also maintain a light texture and don't overload you. If you live or work around midtown Atlanta, you should definitely check the place out...and if you see Paul Johnson in there, make sure that you point out that donuts aren't an actual viable option for sustained health, they're really more of a gimmick food. He'll love it.

Everyone have a great Tuesday, and, as always...

Go Dawgs!