The Liberty Way

Fresh off a series win against the Black Bears Rebels baseball team of the flagship school of the state that boasts being rated last in the country in high school graduation rates and teenage pregnancy, the Diamond Dawgs host a free game at Foley Field this afternoon against Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

For those of us who bemoan UGA's tough drug testing policy, all I can say is thank God our policies aren't as strict as Liberty's. Check out The Liberty Way to read some of the requirements of their code of conduct. Among my favorites are the requirements that hand-holding is the only acceptable form of physical contact between students of opposite genders, the 10 pm curfew on Thursday nights, the interpretation that R-rated movies are never acceptable (and some G and PG movies are also not allowed), and video games must be limited to those played by 4-year-olds.

H/T to the guys from the Brick House for the info. Follow them on twitter @pernospenthouse. Hope to see a few of you today at Foley!

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