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Softball: Better Know a Bulldog: Tess Sito

Tonight your seventh-ranked Georgia Bulldogs handily defeated the Furman Paladins 8-0 in six innings at home. The Diamond Dogs were models of efficiency, scoring their eight runs off of nine hits. Second basewoman Ashley Pauly, catcher Kristyn Sandberg, and third basewoman Gracie Goulder each batted two runs in. Tess Sito handled pitching duties, striking out ten batters -- a season high -- while allowing just two hits. She was even better as a batter, getting on base on all three of her appearances at the plate and ultimately scoring each time. She's also the subject of tonight's Better Know a Bulldog.

With tonight's victory over Furman, Ms. Sito improves to 5-0 as a starting pitcher. She's allowing less than one hit per inning, and she's only given up six runs in five games. If you take out a rough day against no. 18 UCLA, during which she allowed four earned runs off ten hits, she's only allowing 3.5 hits and half a run per game.

As a batter, the Ohio native is just as impressive. She's hitting .394 with an on-base percentage of 44.4%. She's also good to bat in one run per game. Oh, and she manages all of this while playing first base when she's not pitching. What could be better than all of that? How about the fact that she's just a junior?

SEC play starts this Friday at Mississippi State. Be sure to check back this weekend to see how Tess Sito and the rest of the Lady Bulldogs fare.

Go Dawgs!