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Does the Georgia Bulldogs' SEC Tournament Basketball Game Matter?

Earlier this week, tankertoad gave us ten good reasons why we should want our men’s basketball team to succeed. With Mark Fox’s Georgia Bulldogs entering the SEC Tournament as the No. 11 seed in a twelve-team league after having split the season series with the worst team in the conference, the Hoop Hounds clearly are not where they need to be, which is why I asked some frank questions in my latest YouTube video, which is reproduced here:

What do you think? To what extent does this season’s disappointing record matter to the quest for future success? Do you hold out hope of a win on Thursday evening? Let us know in the comments, both here at the site and at the Dawg Sports YouTube channel.

(Yeah, I know about the camera angle. I’m working on it, I promise.)

Go ‘Dawgs!

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