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Sat Night Final Four and Free Form Venting Thread

With yesterday's Free Form Friday post generating such attention, I thought maybe we could have another one to carry us through the weekend. In current events, we have two NCAA Final Four games tonight with the first about to get underway with the Kentucky Wildcats vs the Louisville Cardinals, and later on tonight the Ohio State Buckeyes vs the Kansas Jayhawks. Today in Athens we had a strong UGA football scrimmage with Hutson Mason completing two TDs to Jay Rome, and we just found out defensive back Marc Deas is transferring out for personal reasons, leaving us well short on scholarship limit at this time. I may try and find a spot tonight myself to watch KU fans here in south Kansas go crazy and wonder what it would be like to have that back in Georgia with a UGA Final Four which is pretty unlikely to happen in my lifetime. The Mayor, T Kyle King will likely have a baseball double header wrap up tonight. I just used the word tonight a few too many times.

To help get you started, I just ate two Chick Fil A sandwiches to help my UGA sports depression. I think I may go back and get a milkshake. Also make sure you check out vineyarddawgs creative posts below as well as Kyle's Coach Richt historical breakdown, and feel free to bring out anything from music to super heroes.

UPDATE 2: T Kyle King has posted a Bulldogs Baseball round up right below this post (well, right below the ad below this post), with a Lacrosse roundup below that. We wanted to keep this live thread up top for the evening so SOMEBODY (please) come come by and rant about something.