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Georgia Bulldogs v. South Carolina Gamecocks Basketball Open Comment Thread

The Georgia Bulldogs have already lost one basketball game to the South Carolina Gamecocks this weekend; could they lose another, as well, when the men's hoops squads from Athens and Columbia meet in Stegeman Coliseum and on the SEC network at 1:45 p.m. Eastern this afternoon?

For Heaven's sake, let's hope not, but stranger things have happened. The two teams are a combined 6-24 in SEC play this season, and both clubs sport overall losing ledgers. A win today would leave the Fox Hounds sitting at 14-16, which would require them to make it as far as the SEC Tournament championship game next Sunday just to be assured of no worse than a .500 finish.

This afternoon marks the end of a disappointing regular season, which likely will be followed by a short stay in New Orleans with no postseason invitation of any sort awaiting thereafter. This, quite frankly, is just about the last chance the Red and Black will have to end on anything like a high note, so here's hoping they make the most of it. Please feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!