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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites Is Glad Our Athletic Director Is Greg McGarity Instead of Some Icelandic Singer

If your week has been anything like mine, you’ve been positively slammed, at home, at the office, and everywhere in between, which makes it tough to keep up, but you need not worry, because I have here the rundown of all the noteworthy news in Bulldog Nation, including a brief look back at yesterday’s sports results, a gaze ahead to the weekend before us, and a glance at the headlines deserving our attention this Thursday morning:

Vote for Herschel! What do you mean, "Vote for Herschel for what?"? It’s Herschel, and he’s in the running for something, so, for crying out loud, vote for Herschel!

As Bard Parker noted, Sanders Commings received a year of probation as a first offender after entering a guilty plea on charges of disorderly conduct and simple battery stemming from his January arrest. By the way, this is neither here nor there, but the judge, Charles Auslander, was a classmate of mine in law school.

We know the SEC schedule! Except, y’know, not that SEC schedule, which isn’t expected until late May, though even that may be pushing it. Meanwhile, the conference football schedule to watch is the ACC’s, because that may cause Clemson to back out on the Tigers’ scheduled 2013 and 2014 meetings with the Bulldogs. Fortunately, Greg McGarity still wants to preserve the planned renewal of the rivalry. I’m sorry, but Missouri, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Texas A&M weren’t worth this.

In the wake of the firm but fair punishment handed down in response to the New Orleans bounty program, Sean Payton is stunned and Drew Brees is speechless, but not as stunned and speechless as the rest of us were when the Saints won a Super Bowl or Brees was named the MVP of a college bowl game his team lost. As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.

Wait, what? Did Ole Miss hire the Icelandic singer who wore the swan dress to the Oscars? Oh, wait . . . Ross Bjork is the new athletic director in Oxford. Who’s Ross Bjork? He’s the athletic director from Western Kentucky, whose resume includes stints at Miami, Missouri, and UCLA. Yeah, I was more impressed when I thought it was the Icelandic singer who wore the swan dress to the Oscars. Seriously, how far have the Rebels fallen if poaching football coaches and athletic directors from the Sun Belt is the best they can do? For what it’s worth, previous moves from WKU to the SEC included Dennis Felton and Darrin Horn. How’d that work out for folks?

All right, let me get this straight. An annoyingly likable orange-wearing quarterback from an SEC East rival school is out in Denver. An annoyingly likable orange-wearing quarterback from an SEC East rival school is in in Denver. So, basically, I’m still going to have to grit my teeth a little to root for Champ Bailey and Knowshon Rockwell Moreno, right?

We in Bulldog Nation have another busy weekend before us, but, first, I should mention (as NCT already did) that the No. 4 Georgia men’s tennis team defeated No. 2 Ohio State, 4-3, on Wednesday. Yesterday also saw the No. 11 Georgia softball team handle Georgia State, 6-0, and, looking ahead, we have the NCAA men’s swimming and diving championships today through Saturday, men’s and women’s tennis matches against Arkansas tomorrow and against Louisiana State on Sunday, a home track meet on Friday and Saturday, a baseball series against Vanderbilt in Nashville from Friday through Sunday, a softball series against Ole Miss in Oxford from Friday through Sunday, a men’s golf tournament in Greensboro on Saturday and Sunday, a women’s soccer tournament on Saturday, two women’s lacrosse games on Saturday, the SEC women’s gymnastics championships in Duluth on Saturday, and a men’s lacrosse game on Sunday. Also, football players are practicing.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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