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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites - "Wear A Sweater Day" Edition

A fine "Guten Morgen" to everyone in DawgNation this morning on a day that should be, but isn't, celebrated by the majority of red-blooded Americans. You see, today marks a significant day in the history of American Pop Culture and how it influenced millions of American youth over the past half century, in that today marks the 84th anniversary of the birth of one Fred McFeely Rogers. The TV Show "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" was a staple in my household growing up, so much so that my brother, downindixie, was once heard responding to a question posed by Mr. Rogers with "Mr. Rogers, you never listen to me." In any event, let's go ahead and jump on down to the links for the day.

In other, much less important news than the Birthday of Fred Rogers, spring practice for the Dawgs starts today. On that note, Bernie has a nice preview of Spring Practice with David Ching, while David Paschall indicates that spirits are higher starting Spring Practice this year than in year's past. For all of our sakes, let's hope that the spirits are the only things higher while starting practice today (I'm looking at you, Branden Smith).

The Good Senator Blutarsky is having a hard time getting worked up about Auburn this year. Personally, I couldn't be more pleased with this type of thought, as any year that Georgia can take Auburn to the woodshed is a good year for me...and yes, that made last year a GREAT year.

The Worldwide Leader is reporting that Robert Nkemdiche, of Loganville, has decided to announce his college choice on May 18th of this year. Nkemdiche is considered by many as the top recruit from Georgia in the 2013 class, and while Georgia is a possibility, most expect him to matriculate in Tuscaloosa. Perhaps Todd Grantham can work some of that magic that he used with Jordan Jenkins and we'll all be delightfully surprised.

Finally, in the spirit of the NCAA Basketball Tournament that's taking place currently, I thought it suitable to note two items: one, legendary coach Bobby Cremins has decided to retire from coaching, this time for good. We wish Coach Cremins well, as he is truly an icon in the profession. Second, if you haven't taken a moment to check out the current teams left in the NCAA Tournament, you should do yourself a favor and look here. A 10 seed, 11 seed, and 13 seed all in the Sweet Sixteen should act as a testament to the opportunity that single-elimination playoffs provide teams, as well as an indicator that playoffs, while "settling it on the field/court", are not foolproof.

As always, have a good rest of the day, and...

Go Dawgs!