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Georgia Bulldogs All-Sports All-Day Game Day Open Comment Thread

As was highlighted in yesterday’s YouTube video, today is a busy day in Bulldog Nation. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the rundown of your March 2 Georgia sports calendar:

For those of you who are not presently in a position to watch a Dawg Sports YouTube video, (a) you may or may not have made a horrible vocational error, but (b) the day’s events play out like so:

(All times Eastern.)

Naturally, this will be your all-day all-sports open comment thread, in which to follow and discuss Friday’s Georgia sports action. The links to each event will take you to live scoring updates, Twitter feeds, and conference websites, in order to assist you with keeping track of how the Bulldogs are faring in the various venues. The nightcap, in women’s basketball against South Carolina, will be televised on Fox Sports Net.

All of these events will, of course, be the subjects of future recaps appearing here at the site, but, in the meantime, if any of you plan to be present for any of the above outings, please feel free to post your remote photographs and observations below, as well. Finally, as we gear up for Herschel Walker’s 50th birthday tomorrow, be sure to watch the YouTube video telling you how we will be commemorating the occasion.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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