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Free Form Tournament Open Comment Thread.

The week is done. . . and there you are . . .you're running for your life . . .straight to your car . . .And all friggin' week . . .no one knows . . .just how hard you worked . . .but now it shows...ONE SHINING MOMENT!!! IT'S QUITTING TIME!!! ONE SHINING MOMENT!!! DOS CORONAS CON LIME!!!

Geez. That song always chokes me up. Welcome to your NCAA basketball open comment thread version of Free Form Friday. When it's done I hope you'll all know that you've done your best.

Maestro, cue the weekend music that has absolutely nothing to do with basketball:

When your bosses come around to ask why you're watching college basketball on company time, just don't tell 'em that you know me. And no, that's not a quote from a Jerry Garcia song. It's likely the sentiment of University of Southern Mississippi President Martha Suanders, after her school's pep band was caught bellowing a pretty insensitive chant in the direction of Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez.

Admittedly, the Cameron Crazies have said much worse within the confines of their own arena. As a law student at Mercer I used to go to every Mercer/Georgia Southern basketball game just to join the student body in chanting "Fat guy in a little coat! Fat guy in a little coat!" Tommy Boy-style in the direction of one particularly corpulent Georgia Southern assistant coach. The first year I think he ignored it. The second he was mildly annoyed. The third time he was actually warned by the officials that if he continued getting into shouting matches with the spectators they'd have to T him up. That's the sort of long-term thinking that I admire in unruly basketball fans. Questioning the immigration status of a guy from Puerto Rico just shows either geographic ignorance or poor planning. The fact that he went for double digits on the way to a win just makes Southern Miss partisans look bad. Like, worse than the fact that their university granted a degree to Brett Favre.

I find that college basketball goes well with a variety of things, like beer. And barbecue. Of course, everything goes well with barbecue, even lawyering. Which brings me to my dilemma. I have to do some lawyering down in Douglas, Georgia next week. Does anybody know a place in Douglas that serves good barbecue? The last time I was there a local recommended some place that served me pork with no discernible smoke flavor which I later learned came out of a crockpot. I thought about filing suit, I just haven't figured out the appropriate venue, and whether my suit might be governed by the Geneva Convention. Again, your suggestions in the area are welcome.

Enjoy some basketball, enjoy some beer. And enjoy this, your weekend open comment thread of dubious integrity and morals. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!